IAAPA Seeks Congressional Aid, Support for Attractions Industry


Representing FECs, theme parks and other attractions, IAAPA recently sent a letter to Congress on behalf of its members, urging consideration of key issues facing the industry during the next phase of COVID-19-related legislation.

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The association estimates the pandemic will cause $23 billion in economic losses for attractions in the U.S. in 2020. With more than 50% of attractions having to make staffing adjustments and many facilities not reopening in 2020, they said more than 235,000 jobs have been lost across the country.

“As our industry looks to reopen, locations are doing so at a substantially reduced capacity and with additional costs due to new COVID-19 safety protocols,” said Hal McEvoy, IAAPA’s president and CEO. “This has been devastating for our industry, particularly for seasonal businesses. These businesses rely on making enough revenue during the few short summer months they are open to maintain employment year-round. In addition, year-round businesses that experience peak attendance from spring break through the summer months have been substantially hurt by the pandemic.”

IAAPA is hoping to see enhancements to SBA loans, liability protection, tax credits and more implementations to keep businesses from struggling as much as they are now. The full letter to Congress can be read here. A comprehensive list of IAAPA’s proposals to help the attractions industry is available here. Learn more at www.iaapa.org.


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