Firestone Financial Celebrates 55 Years


Firestone Financial, the finance company known through the amusement and vending industries, is celebrating their 55th anniversary this year. Founded in 1965, Firestone was acquired by Berkshire Bank in 2015 and is now a subsidiary of the company.

“Firestone has achieved this milestone through the dedication of all our employees and the continued support of our customers, channel partners, and industry associations across all of our lines of business,” said COO Michael Smith. “Over the years we’ve stayed true to our roots in amusement and carnival financing while expanding our offerings and building relationships with innovative manufacturers who are constantly working to evolve our core industries.

“The celebration comes at a unique time,” Smith continued. “Now more than ever we’re dedicated to supporting our customers and guiding them through the current economic crisis as they look to thrive in the new post-pandemic environment.” Learn more at


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