S&B Candy & Toy Gets Cool New Location


In the midst of closures, canceled orders and the like, S&B Candy & Toy managed to put some of its top-earning machines in a cool new location, according to Marty Luepker, the company’s product manager.

The location, Ballwin Sno-Cone in Ballwin, Mo., serves up alcoholic and non-alcoholic snow cones and other treats, plus S&B’s machines, an original Pac-Man and Midway’s 1999 racing game Hydro Thunder.

“An outdoor snow cone stand isn’t on the top of most vendors’ list, but with all bars and restaurants shut down, what the heck,” Luepker said. “The suburban neighborhood has lots of kids and the outside format does offer good social distancing opportunities. We took advantage of the 2-car garage located on the property, and in order to get an occupancy permit, the plan had to include 6-foot spacing of all games.”

Limited game space required them to use their strongest earners: Plush Crane, Duck Crane and the Dinosaur Egg vendor, which included coupons in gold eggs for free snow cones. They also provided the two arcade classics.

In six weeks, Luepker reported that the video games earned $450 and the three S&B machines recouped more than half of their investment cost, achieving $3,200 with half the summer to go.

S&B can be reached at www.SandBsales.com or by calling 800-773-0531.


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