Huddys Escape Opens Facility in Ocala, Fla.


An escape room attraction called Huddys Escape opened Oct. 22 in Ocala, Fla. The business offers three different themed rooms to choose from – The Omen, School of Magic and Virtual Reality.

The Omen, a horror room, tasks guests with helping an innocent soul find peace when they enter a home that once belonged to a scientist and his demon-possessed son. School of Magic allows you to go into a master magician’s study to try to gain access to the magician’s stone room. The VR escape room offers a variety of games to choose from with varying difficulties.

According to Ocala News, tickets are $50 per guest for a 2-person booking; $43 per guest for a 3-person booking; $35 per guest for a 4-8-person booking; and $33 per guest for a 9-10-person booking. For more information, visit


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