VRsenal, Vertigo Games Bring Space Pirate Trainer to FECs


VRsenal recently teamed up with Vertigo Games and developer I-Illusions to release the popular Space Pirate Trainer as a two-station, unattended VR game for FEC operators.

In the game, players put on a fully automated VR headset and “blast and dodge their way through a frenetic onslaught of sci-fi drones.”

“Everybody remembers Galaga, but Space Pirate Trainer lets you climb inside a game like that and take personal control of the avatar,” said John Coleman, Vertigo Games’ CFO and business development lead. “With approachable gameplay that also offers veteran players a wide range of options, Space Pirate Trainer is ideally suited for the arcade space.”

Learn more at www.vrsenal.com and www.vertigo-games.com.


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