House of the Dead Coming to IAAPA 2018


House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn Sega Sega’s long-running, zombie-killing franchise House of the Dead has a new installment, and interested operators are going to get a chance to check it out at the annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando. House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn takes the franchise out of retirement after 12 years, adding another chapter to a brand that helped define the horror game and shooter concept.

“We are thrilled to be part of this historic release. House of the Dead is the crown jewel in the Sega’s license portfolio, with such a great heritage and loyal following. We pulled out all the stops to deliver the best experience. Developed by the dedicated R&D team in Japan, this game gets a truly special edition treatment in every way possible,” commented Paul Williams, CEO at Sega.

The game looks to have a unique and eye-catching cabinet, with unique 3D molding meant to give a sense of zombies trying to escape from the back of it. Color changing lights accentuate shadows on the back of the cabinet, and any passers-by wanting to poke a seemingly harmless red zombie eye are in for a scare! Lights flash and zombies scream when the feature is activated.

“We are using cutting-edge ‘Unreal Engine 4’ game graphics technology that brings all the zombies, characters and environment to life in incredible detail and quality. This powerful game engine allowed our developers at Sega in Japan to increase the zombie count significantly, so players have a lot more zombie blasting fun. Dedicated hardware and the huge 55” 1080p Full HD screen at 60 frames per second, produces a vivid and immersive visual experience,” said Williams.

Beyond the graphics and cabinet, the game features 5.1 channel surround sound, a bumping subwoofer, vibrations in the chairs, air cannon blasts and a litany of LED lights. The game’s controller has vibrations as well, meant to simulate the recoil feeling for whichever type of weapon you happen to be using in game. The game features five missions, plenty of secrets to collect and two skill levels. When assembled, the super deluxe cabinet measures 84” deep by 57” wide by 90” tall, and weighs 1,103 lbs. You’ll surely not miss it even in the madness of IAAPA’s Expo! Be sure to look for it in Orlando at Sega’s booths (#1506, #1606).


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