Semnox in SMAAASH Locations


SMAAASH Entertainment, an FEC chain with over 30 locations in the U.S. and abroad, is partnering with Semnox Solutions to roll out the Parafait System of “contact-less” payment.

“We had a smooth roll out of stores across India with Semnox being a reliable partner. Continuous innovation backed with a dedicated support team has always been their cornerstone,” said Vishwanath Kotian, CFO at SMAAASH. The SMAAASH model includes VR, bowling and arcade offerings, but also adds in a mix of interesting and unique attractions, from cricket simulations to football, racing and more.

“We’ve been associated with SMAAASH since inception. It has been a great journey as SMAAASH has continuously expanded its presence across the globe with a very innovative offering. We thank the SMAAASH management team for the trust and confidence placed in us and look forward to our continued association,” said Semnox Director Kiran Karanki.


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