Holoverse Showcases Arcade Tables


By Dustin Wilcox

Brisbane, Australia-based holographics company Euclideon Entertainment has envisioned and produced a set of “Holographic Arcade Tables,” claiming to be “the only company in the world to do so.”

The product, as the name suggests, projects objects made of light that appear to float in the air before the player. Users simply don a lightweight pair of 3D glasses to view these projections.

The Holographic Arcade Table itself measures at 1.7m x 2m, and the curtained enclosure surrounding it (meant to maintain low-light conditions) clocks in a 2m x 4m. Tables can also be fitted with vibrating floors, synced with in-game sound, for increased immersion. Each game on the table is designed for two players.

The software lineup currently boasts eight titles: Rich Kitty, Hungry Crocodiles, Catapults and Castles, Jungle Crane, Aerial Assault, Artillery Striker, Naval Warfare and Well of Fruit. All games are built around a three-button control scheme, meant to be “tricky to master” and “simple to learn.” Holoverse’s in-house team of developers intends to release a new game “roughly every two months.”

Holographic Arcade Tables can now be played at the Holoverse center located in Southport, Australia, and Muscat, Oman, with session tickets available online. Another location is planned to open in Switzerland, with more Holoverse centers opening across Australia throughout 2019.

Interested parties can contact Euclideon regarding table purchases. For more information, visit www.holoverse.com.au or www.euclideon.com.