Hologate Website Updated


If you head over to www.hologate.com, you’ll noticed things have changed a bit to reflect the VR company’s ever-growing lineup of games. It also gives users the experience they’ve come to expect from the Hologate games themselves – optimized performance and faster load times.

“We wanted to bring our website up to the quality of design and ease of use that has made Hologate such a massive success,” the company said. The new site is “more fitting to our place in the market and the futuristic designs of our products,” they added.

Also, many sections of the site were rewritten to provide more relevant information and selling points that highlight the reasons why Hologate says it’s the market leader in VR location-based entertainment.

Check out new product pages, their new title Captain Cook in their extensive game library, information about their free-to-operators Control and Analytics app, and much more at www.hologate.com.


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