Hologate Planning XR Entertainment Venue


Hologate recently unveiled plans for Hologate World, an immersive extended reality entertainment venue in Germany that’s set to open in September.

According to the company, alongside its cutting-edge VR systems will be XR escape rooms, competitive esports, and a bar and lounge with indoor and outdoor gathering areas. “We are very happy to be partnering with P&P Group on this game-changing project,” noted Hologate founder and CEO Leif Petersen.

“With the introduction and inclusion of fresh, never-before-seen, immersive entertainment options, alongside our iconic Arena and Blitz systems, and all within a large, socially-focused, fun-for-everyone space, Hologate World presents the next level of immersive location-based entertainment for Hologate and the industry as a whole,” he added. Stay up to date on the project at www.hologate.com/hologate-world.


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