Golden Tee World Championship Qualifying Begins


From Jan. 15 until March 15, players around the nation will be locked in fierce competition at their favorite watering holes, fighting for the chance to win a coveted spot at the Golden Tee World Championships in Las Vegas in May.

Golden Tee players can qualify by playing in online contests during the allotted time, and are encouraged to pick the 50-man Prize Play on 2017 courses to achieve a ranking. The players are then ranked based on the best 10 games they play out of 50. If a player achieves a high score, they can be featured on the constantly updated LIVEWIRE leaderboards. At the end of three months, the top 50 players secure a spot at the Championships and a piece of the $70,000 prize pool.

Most states (and Canada) allow skill-based prize play, but for the few states that do not offer this game mode, residents can still play and qualify for the Vegas event in a special competition. Players from Alaska, Louisiana, New Jersey and South Dakota will compete in 18-hole Online Contests, and special qualifier leaderboards have been created to show these contenders throughout the qualifying period. Once qualifying is over, the top 3 players (and state residents) from these leaderboards will make the cut.

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