Shoemaker Strikes a $9 Million Deal with Redondo


Steve Shoemaker, well known inventor and topper at Wedges/Ledges, is also the owner of the Redondo Fun Factory, an arcade that’s been entertaining families on the Redondo Beach Pier since 1993. In a move to help clear important land involved in a massive redevelopment project planned for the waterfront property, the Redondo Beach City Council voted 3-2 on Tuesday, Jan. 17, in favor of buying out Shoemaker’s large leasehold for $9 million. (They will cut his term seven years short, giving him another three years to operate the arcade and Fun Fish Market under his Redondo Beach Fisherman’s Cove Co.)

The redevelopment being proposed by CenterCal is contentious within the Redondo Beach citizenry, some welcoming the improvements to the aging property, increased tourism and tax revenue, others worried about increases in traffic and changes to the beachfront community. As for Shoemaker, of the proposed development, he said “I presently support it 100%.”

As reported in the local Daily Breeze newspaper, the city agreed to a provision that gives Shoemaker “dibs to build a potential waterfront carousel – something he pushed for unsuccessfully in 2009 for a vacant pier building that was later demolished.” As for whether Steve will rebuild the Fun Factory in the new development, he says “No.”

“I started the Fun Factory in 1993 and it’s been a long and wonderful trip,” he said. “I’ll be 80 next month and am not interested in starting another arcade. I might be interested with a younger person, but not on my own. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on game design and patents.”


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