Foundations Offers Free Virtual Learning Program This Month


If you’ve ever wanted to know what Foundations Entertainment University is all about, now’s your chance to find out…and do so without spending a dime! Organizers have announced that its “Moving the Industry Forward,” taking place from Tuesday, Sept. 22, to Thursday, Sept. 24 (from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day), is being offered free of charge. To sign up, visit

Foundations is a seminar program in its 18th year and boasts that it’s graduated over 1,500 students from 300+ FECs. Writes organizers, “Unlike every other program in this industry, our goal is to deliver the complete blueprint from start to finish of how an entertainment venue can be developed for a new person entering the industry or for an existing operator wishing to expand their business. We are the only program that delivers the right combination of seasoned speakers with a track record of success in this industry decade after decade. Our speaking group has successfully developed more facilities than any other speaking group out there. Foundations is your opportunity to be trained by and create lasting relationships with a successful group of industry professionals.”

The speaker and topics being featured in this upcoming Foundations program are:  

Testing Market Feasibility & Developing Your Business Case
Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Financing
Performance Monitoring

DOUG WILKERSON, Studio 41b/Dynamic Designs
The Design Process
7 Keys to a Great FEC Design

FRANK PRICE, FL Price/Birthday University
Ferreting Out Personality
What Is An Experience Destination and How Do I Get There?

XR Immersive Entertainment Future
FEC Operational Tech Solutions

Fast Track to Group Sales/Additional Revenue Sources
Grandest Grand Opening

JOSEPH CAMAROTA, Alpha Omega Amusements
FECs, Games & Redemption Prize Center Design

RUSS VAN NATTA, Creative Works
Select and Size Your Attractions

JIM HOWELL, Perky’s Pizza
Food & Beverage in FECs — Moving F&B Forward

BOB KRAUSE, United Play Systems
How to Market Your FEC in 2020

A Hiring Decision vs. A Buying Decision


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