Firestone Financial Announces Vacation Winners


Execs at Firestone Financial announced that Broadway Amusement Rides, LLC won the company’s Take a Break on Us sweepstakes. The Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based company was awarded $4,000 towards a vacation, and owner Bill Prescott (a seven-year Firestone customer) had grateful words for the company.

“We just want to thank Firestone for running this contest and for being a great company to work with,” said Prescott. “They’ve been an amazing partner these last few years and our experience with them keeps getting better.”

“Congrats to Broadway Amusement Rides on winning the Take a Break sweepstakes,” said Firestone Assistant VP Tony Costanza. “We had a great turnout for this quarter’s contest and love that we can give something back to our customers. We hope Bill has a relaxing trip and can’t wait to see even more people involved in our next contest.”

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