Seninsky Demos VR Escape Room in Prague


Industry trailblazer (and long-time RePlay columnist) Frank “the Crank” Seninsky was on the road again, this time reporting in from the Czech Republic. Cranky Frankie went to Prague recently for a sitdown with virtual reality expert Jorge Torales, president of Torch Entertainment…and made a video of it for you to enjoy and learn from.

The recorded interview discussed Torch’s approach to escape rooms. The company integrates a head-mounted VR display into the competitive, quickly-growing escape attraction, allowing players to immerse themselves in a virtually-enhanced environment for an hour with the challenge to escape from the room and game. An hour may seem long, but Frank said the headset remained comfortable for the time.

This may seem like some techy stuff that only a certain crowd may be interested in, but according to Torales, the game is a great equalizer, enjoyable for men and women of many ages and backgrounds. In the interview, Torales even shares stories about seeing families come in and often the mother is the group leader, even though the family is playing a video game technically.

Watch Seninsky’s video to learn more about the forward-thinking concepts behind Torch.


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