Entermission Combines VR With Escape Rooms


A new company focused on delivering “virtual reality adventures” to physical escape rooms, Entermission made its debut at TransWorld’s Room Escape Show & Conference in early August. Their goal is to “unlock the profitability puzzle for escape room virtual reality.”

Founded by Christal Ho, who has years of escape room and VR experience (Escape Hunt in Australia and New Zealand and Virtual Reality Rooms in Australia), Entermission’s “Mission Module” fits six players in a small 170-sq.-ft. space. When players reach out to high-five their friends in VR, they’re doing so in the real world as well.

“Lots of VR escape games have been created by VR fanatics and video game companies, but none have addressed the primary problems that escape room operators struggle with,” said Ho, who has owned and operated Escape Hunt – noted as the largest escape room business in the world – since 2014. “With Entermission we have unlocked an affordable, profitable, easy-to-operate solution to expensive buildouts that create months of downtime, wasted labor resetting rooms after every game, and large spaces dedicated to only a single game.”

The Mission Module was created to reach all markets. Designed for kids and adults alike, the immersive games – Space Heroes and Mad Mind – include challenging collaborative puzzles and action that works with all demographics. New games are currently in development.

While Entermission has been running at a location in Sydney, Australia, for more than a year, it recently had its first outside install following the TransWorld show last month at Zscape Games in San Ramon, Calif.

The owner of that facility, Zac Turner, said, “Adding VR to an established escape room is a no brainer. The fact that with Entermission I only need 170 sq. ft. for a VR escape room experience is huge!”

More information is available at www.enterthemission.com.


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