Embed Working On Wearables: New Game Card a Game Changer


Cashless company Embed has a new series of game cards and wearable media “unlike anything currently in the industry,” they say. Their latest products will be on display at IAAPA Booth #1336.

“We’ve been in the design lab working on these for some time,” said CEO Renee Welsh. “Single-minded in our focus on the guest, designing the type of wearable media they want to keep, collect and reuse. This ultimately drives repeat business for our Embed customer, which gives them an edge over their competition.” The collection has close to 200 design variations.

Embed also recently reported its collaboration with Global Village in Dubai, which reopened for its 24th season on Oct. 29, and its partnership with OpenEdge, an integrated division of Global Payments Inc. As part of the launch special with that company, Embed is offering customers a free Ingenico device when they sign up with OpenEdge for payment solutions within Embed’s platform. Learn more at www.embedcard.com.


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