D&B’s To Boldly Go Where No FEC Has Gone Before


Dave & Buster’s has announced the exclusive release of an all-new, proprietary Star Trek coin/token pusher that was developed by Elaut NV. The game was in every Dave & Buster’s around the country by July 21 (except for stores in Kansas due to laws on pushers there), in time for the wide release of the newest iteration of the movie franchise, Star Trek Beyond, opening the very next day, Friday, July, 22.

“The inspiration for the game came from Elaut’s Wizard of Oz coin pusher,” Kevin Bachus, D&B’s Senior VP of Entertainment and Games Strategy stated. “They do extremely well for us, as they do for most operators, but we felt we could take it up another notch.”

Star Trek’s gameplay allows players to explore “the final frontier” while launching metal tokens at collectable cards, chips and other tokens in an attempt to knock them off the edge so they can be picked up or redeemed for prizes. The first set of eight character cards, which will be available until October 2016, feature Star Trek legends from the original 1960s TV series such as Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu and the fuzzy, alien Tribbles. Each card is also available in limited, foil versions which are redeemable for even bigger prizes.

“We spent a lot of time on the cards and wanted them to have the feel of collectable trading cards. They came out even better than I expected,” Bachus continued. The Star Trek pusher will only be available in D&B stores, and Bachus hopes that will help breed a unique culture among their arcades and help them stand out above competition in the eyes of their guests.

“Our belief is that a very proven and successful game platform like the one that is in Wizard or Blackbeard’s Bounty, combined with compelling and wildly appealing license like Star Trek will be interesting,” Bachus concluded. “The opportunity to have products that you can only find at Dave & Buster’s will give our guests something special to appreciate.”

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