D&B Celebrates 50th Star Trek Anniversary With Collectable Card


Dave & Buster’s is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the seminal sci-fi television series Star Trek by offering a limited edition collectable card, featuring images of the classic Enterprise NCC-1701 and the ship’s original crew. This one-of-a-kind card will be available in the new, D&B exclusive Star Trek Arcade, and uses lenticular imagery, which creates a movement effect as the image is viewed from different angles.

Fans have a short window of opportunity to get the special card, which will be in D&B’s Star Trek Arcade games only from Sept. 8 (the anniversary date) to 11.

“Our Star Trek Arcade game has been a runaway hit with fans of the franchise from the 1960s TV series all the way up through the latest movies,” said Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President of entertainment and games strategy at Dave & Buster’s. “This collectable card boldly goes where few others have gone before to commemorate the occasion, and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate Star Trek’s50th anniversary with Trekkies and gaming fans alike.”

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