Apple’s Face Place to Host Its Own Presidential Election


AppleFacePlaceElection0916Apple Industries has started hosting its own version of this year’s raucous and heated presidential election. As of yesterday (Sept. 1), customers in Apple’s numerous photo booths are able to “vote” for a presidential candidate by taking a photo with them. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both have specialized templates that customers can choose which include the presidential candidate of their choice in several poses.

Apple plans on tallying the votes their customers around the country cast and releasing the results before the general election. It may not be as official as a Pew Research Poll, but it seems like a good way to gauge people’s feelings on the two divisive candidates. We’re guessing if you’re willing to take a photo with one of them, you must like them. (That is, unless you’re using the opportunity to pick their nose or send a rude gesture their way so you can immortalize it on a photo strip.)

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