Cooney Reports on FOIL 2017


The Future of Immersive Leisure Conference left its attendees looking forward to what’s next in our industry, and RePlay contributor Bob Cooney took the time to produce two podcasts with some of the biggest change-makers that were in attendance.

Cooney’s latest in a series of podcasts delves into the future of location-based entertainment (LBE) with FOIL organizer and founder of KWP Ltd., Kevin Williams. Cooney and Williams talk about the event in general and the many truly revolutionary attendees who gathered to deep dive into the future. The two discuss immersion, and how it has always existed in entertainment, but the ability now exists for VR and AR to fully immerse its users to the point where a silicon-generated world can replace reality. Listen in here:

Cooney also speaks with Greg Lombardo, SVP of LBE Entertainment for Fox Filmed Entertainment. Lombardo and Cooney talk about the explosive popularity of VR and AR, and the shift that followed due to a lack of fast adoption by the public, lackluster content and prohibitively priced headsets. Listen in here:

“The real proving ground for this will be out of home,” Lombardo said. “As the value of out of home becomes more pronounced and obvious you will see a growing shift in studio perceptions towards it, and the owners and operators’ ability to get IP.”

Check out both of these podcasts and more at RePlay’s Soundcloud account here. Next year’s FOIL is already on the calendar. planned for May 16-17, 2018.


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