TrainerTainment Sets Sessions for New Year


Location party experts at TrainerTainment have announced their 2018 conference schedule, inviting people to learn and evolve in the year to come. The conference dates are as follows:

* April 12-13 the company hosts Train the Trainer Conference
* August 22-23 is its Advanced Sales Conference
* October 11-12 is a Business Coaching Conference.

The company says all three were created to achieve TrainerTainment’s purpose: provide fun training that has serious results to grow people and businesses. The Train the Trainer conference hopes to give attendees to tools to continue building their business and educating their employees. Advanced Sales teaches sales teams the foundation of sales and prepare them for the upcoming holiday season. The 2018 series will finish with the Business Coaching Conference, teaching owners and leaders “how to get everything they want out of their business,” says the company.

“My favorite thing about our conferences is getting to see the attendees working together and hearing that other people in the industry have similar struggles,” said Mary Southwick, director of training. “We allow people to share and issue process the problems they face and many times come up with an outside the box solution through our discussion. I believe the attendees often come away with a new feeling that we are all in it together and I’m not the only one with this struggle.”

Registration will be available Nov. 1. Participants who sign up early will save $100 off registration. For more information on how to register visit


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