UNIS Taps Successfully Crowdfunded PONG Table


UNIS has contracted with Calinfer S.A. (the group that found crowdfunding success with its Atari Pong Table) to manufacture, market and sell the product around the world. The Pong Table has already caught a lot of people’s attention, with 322 backers supporting the idea with $335,422 by the end of its Kickstarter campaign.

The product is essentially a throwback to the days of tabletop arcade games, but is modified in unique ways. Instead of controlling a line of pixels, the game is mechanical in nature, using a combination of magnets, electric motors and rails to mimic the gameplay of the original game. On the playfield, short white bars and a square emulate the original game’s paddles and ball.

UNIS’ main interest in the new machine is to focus sales on the home market, where the majority of interest has come from. As a part of the global launch of the product, UNIS and Calinfer will be bringing the Atari Pong Table to IAAPA, CES 2018 and EAG 2018. For more information, click here.