Collaboration at CinemaCon


Benchmark Games, Embed and Tricorp Amusements recently got together at CinemaCon in Las Vegas from April 11-14 in order to display a coin-less, ticket-less unattended redemption solution that is focused toward the movie theater industry. Embed brought its emONE card system vendor, Benchmark provided its Prize Station prize delivery system along with its Monster Drop Single ticket game, and finally, Tricorp offered an “invaluable amount of operating expertise using both companies’ products to drive revenues for their clients.”

“Our booth had an actual game room set up!” said Paula Rinker, VP of Sales at Benchmark Games. “The visitors were walked through the entire process to understand the efficiency and simplicity of this new entertainment solution. Once the visitor understood the easy and intuitive guest interaction that emONE provided, they quickly grasped the entire unattended, card swipe solution”. 

Rinker ushered visitors from the emOne to the Monster Drop Single and demonstrated how the credit was taken from the card and the points/tickets won were added to the card, as well as providing the location invaluable marketing reporting.

Then on to the Prize Station to demonstrate how visitors can redeem points from the card and get their prize. Tricorp toppers Chuck Pietz (CEO) and Joe Ingui (President) capped off the product demonstration with financial and other benefits offered by this new way to do redemption.

“We have seen actual revenues soar over 30-40 percent above the traditional video game/merchandiser game rooms,” said Pietz.

 “We have piloted numerous debit card systems in the theater industry recently and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Ingui. “There is great opportunity for those seeking a change in their current game room line-up. Just contact us and we would be glad to discuss the details!” 

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