Apple Industries Wins Big… Again! 


Apple Industries was honored with an Appreciation Award from its exclusive Middle East distributor, Warehouse of Games. WoG’s owner and founder, Nabil Kassim, presented the honor to Apple’s CEO Allen Weisberg at the Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure (DEAL) show held April 19-21 at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates. 

WoG's Nabil Kassim presents Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg with the award.

WoG’s Nabil Kassim presents Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg with the award.

WoG is reportedly one of the largest distributors of amusement and vending equipment in the Middle East, and has worked closely with Apple over the past years to grow that market.

“Apple and our FEC customers in the region benefit every single day from the incredible commitment, deep expertise and hardworking support provided by Nabil and sales and development manager Yuhanis Nawasreh,” Weisberg said.

“Together,” he continued, “we have not only established Face Place as the premier brand in our sector across the Middle East, we ‘own’ the photo booth sector there thanks in large part to the leadership of Warehouse of Games. They share our vision.  They believe in our company.  And they are the best partners anyone could hope for.”

This award marks the third in a recent streak of appreciation of the company. Apple was honored with an AMOA Innovator Award and an Operators’ Choice Award during March’s Amusement Expo.

For more information on Apple’s Middle East dealings, visit their website:  


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