Chicago Arcade Bar Hosts Halloween Haunted House


Replay Lincoln Park, a Chicago arcade bar, began hosting a drive-thru haunted house in its back alley on Oct. 2 and will continue through Halloween.

Visitors to the “Alley of Darkness” are treated to a short movie to set the scene and boost the scare factor, reports TimeOut. Then, guests are asked to put their car in park for 30 minutes “while a cast of spooky characters lets loose and terrorizes them.”

It’s a 360-degree experience with fake blood, sound effects and realistic props. Perhaps the best part: you can’t leave your car at any point, so just close your eyes and ears if you get too scared. Reservations are required and tickets cost $75 per car – so pack ’em in! The arcade bar is also loaning cars for an extra $25 if you don’t have one. Learn more at


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