Pinball Art USA All Duded-Out, Pinball Style


RePlay’s Ingrid Milkes’ sons Jack and James are more acquainted with the business side of coin-op than most youngsters. Now, thanks to Dick McNichols, owner of Portland’s Pinball Art USA, they can even dress the part.

Dick’s company, as many know, has rights to the artwork of numerous pins produced from the ’30s up thru the ’90s. It’s a rich treasure of the often-campy art that’s graced backglasses produced by Gottlieb, Williams and Bally which he turns into picture puzzles, wall-hanging pictures and even t-shirts.

The boys proudly sport shirts adorned with details from Gottlieb’s Alien Star and Williams’ Black Knight. Whether wearing these coin-op colors improves their scores on the 1976 Capt. Fantastic pin in the Milkes garage is debatable (but don’t try your luck against these guys, anyway). For more information on Dick’s product line, visit his fascinating website at


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