Boxblaster With VR Attraction at Bowl Expo


Head over to Booth #465 today and tomorrow (June 26-27) to see Boxblaster’s 4-player virtual reality arena Minibox. The startup attraction makers have installed a Miniboxat the Miami-based VR Park at Dezer World, and are looking to expand.

“Equity-backed Boxblaster offers Minibox for $45,000, half the cost of comparative VR solutions for which providers charge operators 2-3 times the cost upfront for hardware and installation,” the company said.

Minibox is a VR cash machine for locations who want ROI in six months,” said co-founder Vladimir Avdeev. “In a market dominated by too few companies, with overpriced products, it’s time to rise stakes and profit from results.”

The 225-sq.-ft. arena uses HTC Vive Pro headsets and 2070 Nvidia graphic processors. More information is available online at


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