BMI Collabs With Kidzania in Texas


The BMI Merchandising team recently put together another redemption room – this time at the new Kidzania FEC in Frisco, Texas. They have another location heading to the new American Dream mall in New Jersey, which BMI will also be working on.

The merchandising company not only stocks redemption stores and counters, but designs and installs them from the ground up. BMI was especially proud of this recent install, as the FEC had more-than-usual dedicated window display space.

“BMI Merchandise has a dedicated merchandising team that travels the country to set up, merchandise and train redemption centers that are part of our AMRS program,” the company said. The team is led by Erica Galatro, along with field installation specialists Christopher Katalenas and Stella Chaves.

The hands-on team visits locations weekly to set up new redemption centers from the ground up or completely refresh, re-design and re-merchandise an existing redemption center. They boast that they can go from an empty space to retail-ready in about two days (they do about 10 locations a month, typically).

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