Biggest Canadian Pinball Arcade Celebrates First Year


Seven’s Pinballorama, with its 40 pinball machines and 10 arcade cabinets, just celebrated its first year in business on Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

According to CTV News,  the owner – Seven Graylands – does the maintenance on the machines himself and moved across the country last year to turn his private collection into what he says is the biggest pinball arcade in the country.

“The first couple of months that we were open, it was nuts,” Graylands said. “I had a lot of machines offline because they hadn’t been played this hard in 30 or 40 years, and then a bunch of people came in and then they started banging on them and everything broke at the same time.” With all the big repairs done, most fixes since have been quick and easy, he said.

A viral post on the website Reddit has kept the arcade plenty busy in its first year as well. Learn more at


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