Big Expansion Pack Launched: New Games for Virtual Rabbids


As of Aug. 22, it’s official. LAI Games has released Space Skirmish, Kitchen Catastrophe and Coaster Calamity to the Virtual Rabbids games lineup.

Called The Big Expansion Pack, operators receive not only the new game software, but a promotional kits, large non-slip floor stickers and signage.

“These new experiences are exceptionally well crafted, fully immersive adventures that continue the momentum of this industry-leading game,” said Tabor Carlton, marketing director at LAI Games. “We’re proud to say The Big Expansion Pack takes unattended virtual reality to the next level, with stages varying from family-friendly to extreme. The new experiences really offer something for everyone.”

Among the innovative additions to the new content: an interactive component in the SpaceSkirmishride where players “shoot” at targets by aiming their VR headsets. The company’s partner D-BOX’s “hybrid D-BOX motion” adds layers of depth in the motion base, they say, synchronizing both the on-rail aspect as well as the shooting action.

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