Big Buck: Reloaded Update Kits Mailing


Get your machines ready! The Big Buck Hunter: Reloaded update kits are being shipped starting Monday, Feb. 24. Operators had to get their Big Buck HD machines online by Feb. 14 to be a part of the first shipment, but don’t worry because more kits will be on their way soon.

The newest content is Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission, Bow Hunting and In Case of Monsters: Lost Island. Mike Colesworthy, the Play Mechanix team’s graphic design lead, told RePlay that all the games are based on “feedback we’ve gotten from players and operators over the years.”

Pick up a copy of our March issue (also coming soon!), where we feature the new Big Buck machine in detail on the cover. For more information, call 866-646-1975 or email [email protected].


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