Betson Parts Now Has Safety, Cleaning Products


In an effort to support FEC reopenings, Betson Imperial Parts & Services has added safety and cleaning products to its lineup, including the EPA-approved BioCide 100 sanitizer and the new Hands-Free Sanitizer Station from Bob’s Space Racers.

They also have PPE kits that include face masks, anti-bacterial hand towelettes and hand sanitizer. So that game rooms have tools to communicate the changes with customers effectively, they even have safety signage and decal kits.

“Our team is here to support customers through these new challenges, and we want to make sure we source the best products that can be used to keep customers safe,” said Richard Zayas-Bazan, president of Betson Imperial Parts & Services. “We’ve added some key products to help customers reopen as soon as possible and we’ll continue to investigate and execute best of breed resources to support our customers.”

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