Carolina Coin Dodges Florence


Nearly 30 years ago, Ron Davis’ Carolina Coin Amusement was kicked squarely in the teeth by Hurricane Hugo. Ron personally lost his home, a big piece of the route business along with an arcade they’d just opened on the beach front at the Isle of Palms. This time, the North Charleston route was more fortunate as Ron reports that no one at his place sustained any damage to their homes or loved ones.

“During Florence, we played it day to day,” Ron advised. “We closely monitored local radio weather reports, never picked up any equipment from our Charleston locations, and gave our employees time off on that Thursday and Friday to evacuate if they felt the need. All our people were inland and stayed put during the evacuation. All are safe, and we want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers,” he added.

We checked in with Jimmy Waldorf of Fun Plaza in Myrtle Beach who had good news to report: “Everything came out fine for us. There was no damage and we didn’t lose anything. Myrtle Beach is okay and pretty much all intact, just a few trees down here and there. Our only problem is the flooding inland and the flooding of the highways coming into town. That usually takes a couple of weeks to clear up. We’re open, we just don’t have any customers to speak of right now.”


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