Bay Tek Goes Virtual! Manufacturer Buys MajorMega


Arcade maker Bay Tek Entertainment, owners of Skee-Ball and creators of Connect 4 Hoops and other modern hits, just announced the acquisition of MajorMega, the VR company best known for their Hyperdeck platform and attendant-free SpongeBob SquarePants: Dynamic Duo cabinet.

“We are so excited to welcome this exceptional team to ours,” said Bay Tek VP Holly Hampton. “I know they will seamlessly integrate into the Bay Tek family. And what they have created is the best VR in the LBE space, hands down.”

Founded in 2013, MajorMega has offered its cutting-edge technology at the likes of Hersheypark and the Kennedy Space Center. They built upon the success of Hyperdeck with the smaller footprint SpongeBob game in more recent years.

Bay Tek will be transferring the manufacturing of both Hyperdeck and SpongeBob SquarePants: Dynamic Duo to their headquarters in Pulaski, Wis. During the transition, they’ll both be available through Creative Works for a limited time. Expect to see Bay Tek showcasing some VR in their DEAL and Amusement Expo booths in the coming weeks.

Visit for the full slate of offerings.


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