Bandai Namco Continues VR Arcade Expansion


Details about Bandai Namco’s secretive project working on a dedicated virtual reality event space in Tokyo, Japan, have finally emerged, with announcements that the new VR Zone Shinjuku will open to the public on July 14.

VR arcades have been emerging quickly across Japan, one of the few places where the technology is truly taking off. Namco’s VR Zone Shinjuku will merge the company’s storied history in gaming and arcades with the new technology, utilizing the arcade’s ability to customize each individual game based on those playing.

This isn’t Bandai Namco’s first foray into the world of VR arcades, though. The company released a predecessor to this VR arcade, VR Zone Project I Can. The company’s new VR Zone will feature all six games from the original VR Zone, and several more. Some of the new games include massively popular licenses such as Mario Kart and Dragon Ball Z coming to VR platforms for the first time. Watch a video detailing game play above.


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