AMOA Rushes to D.C. to Fight Operation Choke Point


On Thursday, June 8, AMOA’s Executive VP Lori Schneider and Government Relations Committee Chair Emily Dunn made a special trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with key congressional offices in the Senate and House to deliver a strong message: AMOA members being unfairly targeted with unjust bank account closures related to Operation Choke Point must end.

Closures have reached a “crisis level,” evidenced by the recent flood of calls and emails received by the AMOA not only reporting closures, but banks requiring enormous amounts of personal information and raising fees substantially. For the crowd dealing with account closures, finding a bank to safely handle their cash is becoming increasingly difficult.

Schneider and Dunn met with the office of House Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) during the trip, and reported that the AMOA was immediately extended an invitation to return to Capitol Hill on June 22 to take part in an interview session with members of Congress and their staff. The two stressed how cash-intensive businesses are taking an unfair toll due to the closures.

AMOA wishes to thank those who have reached out to them and provided information about account closures, saying it gives the association a strong, fact-based defense during Capitol Hill visits. The association reminds contributors to eliminate all identifying information except city and state when corresponding.

AMOA continues to press for answers, but you can help as well. They ask that you continue to share what you are experiencing related to account closures, increased fees or odd banking questionnaires. Contact Schneider to relate your experiences at [email protected] or by phone at 800-937-2662.

A webinar will be available in early July to provide an update on AMOA’s efforts, as well as talking points for a grass roots initiative asking members to visit with their reps.


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