Arcade Burglary Video Remix Gets Big Laughs


A Los Angeles arcade in the city’s Northridge neighborhood had a break-in on Feb. 15, but its owners turned it into a positive by sharing surveillance video of the perp falling down – set to Super Mario Bros. music, of course. The video, showing Neon Retro Arcade’s footage of the burglary, has more than 11,000 views on their Instagram page.

They wrote, “We had a minor break-in this weekend. Everyone’s fine and not much was taken, thankfully. The violation SUCKS, but sometimes you gotta find a way to laugh off the stress of situations like these. When we looked closely at our security footage, we noticed this dude’s pants were falling down as he was running out the door. Watch to the end (with sound on) to see what #InstantKarma looks like.” Thanks to L.A. Taco for sharing the post!


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