Apple Industries Hires Director of Marketing


A.J. Russo is the new director of marketing at Apple Industries after 14 years serving as AMI Entertainment’s chief creative officer.

“A.J.’s extensive portfolio in product design, strategic content and marketing speaks volumes about his creative leadership,” said Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg. “His success in driving user engagement and revenue growth aligns perfectly with our vision for advancing our products and market presence. He possesses all the qualities we were looking for in a co-author for our next exciting chapter.”

In the new role, Russo will lead both creative and marketing operations for Apple, “crafting brand strategies and orchestrating its promotional campaigns.” He will report to company president Scott Avery.

Russo noted: “It’s impossible not to be energized by the design excellence and ability that Apple has shown to attract brand partners like Disney, Marvel, NASCAR and more. Its future is one that I’m extremely excited to help shape.”


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