Amusement Products Combines Vidgame Fun with Go-Kart Racing


The pros at Amusement Products debuted a brand-new way to go-kart at this year’s IAAPA show: Power Up Karting. By using color-changing tiles embedded in the go-kart track, players can now earn “powers” that alter their car and those of their competitors. Much like running over power ups in video games, some tiles give the driver’s car a boost, while others slow the other cars, increasing the chances of winning the race. Additionally, the tiles can be used to create speed zones, obstacle courses and more, creating an even more interactive and immersive experience.

Powers include “Boosts” that will increase the speed of the kart for a limited time; “Zone Slow” that will slow down karts in the same area while that kart’s speed remains the same; “Turtle Mode” that will slow down all the karts on the track except the driver with this power; and “Shield,” a defensive power that will prevent other racers from slowing down that kart. Other special effects are built into specific “zones” around the track that will also slow down or speed up karts temporarily, or even speed up a kart for the remainder of the race.

Additionally, execs say that the sound is one of the best features of Power Up Karting. Through the voice of a crew chief or announcer, the driver is notified of what power has been gained, as well as receives tips during the game. Amusement Products says Power Up Karting can be added to any ThunderVolt electric kart with the Zone operating system, along with additional hardware and a monthly subscription (this includes kart and pit sound files, kart programming, operating system changes and technical support).

“The FEC industry’s first racing game to hit the track in a live format will put some businesses miles ahead of the competition,” said Dutch Magrath, president of Amusement Products. “The Power Up Karting Game is unique. Every race is different and learning to play is half the fun, which results in customers getting back in line to race again.”

Amusement Products plans to continue supporting this new FEC-focused attraction through an online platform. For more information visit


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