AAMA Charity Raises Over $140K at Gala


The American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation (AAMCF) gathered a whopping $141,000 through an ad journal and other contributions during, and just after, its recent Gala meeting in Chicagoland. (Pictured is Larry Treankler, AAMA’s honoree this year.)

The donations are parceled out mostly to kid charities like the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (reportedly, the CMN network treats one in every ten North American kids each year). The AAMCF also helps support KEEN USA (which stands for Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) and the Sunrise Day Camps for youngsters suffering with cancer. Around 1,400 kids attend the eight Sunrise camps which are located on Long Island, Staten Island, Baltimore and other East Coast locations. Something like $400,000 has been raised for charities like these by the AAMCF just over the past few years with their annual ad journals. For about on the AAMCF, click here.


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