AMI Music Releases End-of-Year Charts


AMI Entertainment Network recently released their 2019 Year-End Music Charts. The company added more than 300,000 songs to their digital jukebox network, 44,000-plus albums and over 7,500 music videos.

Their plays by genre were 37 percent rock, 18 percent country, 15 percent pop, 11 percent rap and hip hop, 9 percent Latin, 8 percent R&B and soul, and 2 percent other. Top played artists were all rock and country: Chris Stapleton, AC/DC, George Strait, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Queen rounding out the top five. (If ever there was a bar song, it’s Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey, which took the top spot for most-played songs for an impressive third straight year.)

The top new music videos included Money (Cardi B), Old Town Road (Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus), Beer Never Broke My Heart (Luke Combs), Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish) and Juice (Lizzo). AMI reported that its music video jukeboxes “continue to see increases in coin-drop as patrons love to see their favorite music videos played.”

To download AMI’s full 2019 year-end music charts, visit


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