American Alpha Announces New Virtual Coin Pusher


Zoo Carnival, the virtual coin pusher game from American Alpha first shown at the 2020 Amusement Expo in New Orleans, has been updated and is now available.

The game (see below) was updated to include more exciting bonus games, the company reports.

“Not only does it get rid of the tedious physical coin reload, Zoo Carnival also brings the lottery wheel prize and three other fabulous interactive bonus games,” they say. “That all makes the game eye-catching and great fun to play.”

One kit can support up to three independent cabinets, meaning you can buy one kit and install it in one cabinet for a single-player game or you can add satellite cabinets to make it two- or three-player games.

American Alpha also detailed their Sentinal System, a route management product designed to optimize the route operator experience. It has features like built-in EMP detection, anti-zap prevention, remote monitoring and more. Learn more at



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