Art-FX Studios to Open Location in Tallahassee


Using the Art-FX Studios line of Escape Theory attractions, Hourglass Escape Rooms is set to open its doors as the “newest and most interactive escape experience” in Tallahassee, Fla., this week on Jan. 21. It will serve as the flagship location for the Escape Theory attractions.

Hourglass will feature the full Escape Theory lineup of attractions and serve as a beta testing site for new rooms and product launches, according to Art-FX Studios. “We’re thrilled to have a physical location where operators throughout the industry can come to try our attractions firsthand,” said Nic Hanzelik, VP of Art-FX Studios.

Featured experiences include Secrets of the Pharaohs, an Egyptian Tomb adventure where explorers enter a fully immersive tomb using a torch and a flickering flashlight to guide them through clues. Murder in London allows players to work as detectives, beginning their investigations into a series of murders that have taken place in dark London alleyways. Learn more at


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