Adrenaline Ships Tomb Raider Arcade


Adrenaline Amusements announced on Tuesday, May 15, that it is launching the new Tomb Raider arcade game worldwide. (Initially, the game was only available for play at Dave & Buster’s locations.) The four-player gun game is a tribute to the wildly successful and recognizable Tomb Raider franchise, and is based on the company’s Rabbids Hollywood game cabinet. According to Adrenaline, the game has two chapters currently that total 45 minutes of gameplay. A third chapter will be delivered to customers for free in August of this year.

“We are extremely proud to have partnered Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to bring Tomb Raider to the millions of people who simply can’t get enough of the franchise,” said François Lachance, CEO of Adrenaline.

The Tomb Raider arcade game is available and shipping immediately. For more information about the company, click here.


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