A Teenager’s Wish for Retro Arcade Granted


Riley Dinsmore, 13, who was diagnosed with a progressive form of cancer, had a wish to have his own arcade full of vintage video games. Make-A-Wish, Betson and other companies made it happen.

Now, Riley’s basement in upstate New York has been transformed into a personal game room with three fully restored machines highlighting it: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989), The Simpsons (1991) and Mortal Kombat (1992). Plus, two 2010 games that look and feel retro but play new – Pac-Man’s Pixel Bashand Arcade Legends 3.

“To be able to help this young man’s wish become reality is something we’re thankful for,” said Betson’s Bob Geschine. “We hope the game room brings Riley, his family and friends a lot of joy.”


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