Zone Intros Magnetic Charging

0 (Zone) has just introduced magnetic charging for its laser tag equipment, saying that it makes loose cables and unreliable inductive charging a thing of the past (along with potential damage to equipment when removing vests from the charging rack).

The company boasts that it’s the first to incorporate magnetic charging to the laser tag landscape. Execs say the method is more reliable then inductive charging with its Mag-Zone Charging System. It gives each vest a solid point-to-point connect to the charging system, insuring consistent safe and reliable charging of your laser tag equipment.

“You never have to worry about whether or not your vest is perfectly aligned as with induction charging or the potential damage caused to your plug and socket charging system by over-eager customers. Our high-power earth magnets stay connected till you want to separate them,” said the company’s Erik Guthrie. “Best of all, the new Mag-Zone Charging System eliminates the human factor. Should that over eager customer pull a vest off that has not been disconnected, the magnet will simply disengage from the vest.”

Essentially, the connection breaks free when under strain, avoiding damage to the equipment. And because the Mag-Zone Charging Cable features a strong, magnetic system, the cable will automatically connect when in close proximity to the vest.

The technology has been testing successfully in the field, Zone says, and starting in January 2019, any Helios CE and Helios PRO location can contact them to learn more about swapping their current charging stations out for the new magnetic charging stations. All contracted installations after January 2019 will have the Zone-Mag Charging System automatically for their installation.

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