Zero Latency’s Momentum Leads to Big Arenas in 2017


The aficionados over at Zero Latency have big plans for the coming months. The company says it’s going to build the largest multiplayer, free-roam VR game arenas in the Americas this year, in the Greater Boston area, while more just as large will follow in Philadelphia in 2018.

ZL is working with MindTrek which signed a deal to open multiple locations in the area, starting with game arenas in Woburn, Mass., this summer and Marlborough, Mass., this fall. The companies have future plans to open more arenas in 2018.

The Woburn and Marlborough installations will both be configured with dual 2,000-sq.-ft. arenas under one roof, allowing MindTrek to host two different games simultaneously, or utilize the full 4,000 sq. ft. for special, larger and more epic free-roam VR. These will be the only dual-arena facilities in the world and the largest free-roam VR in the Americas.

“We were drawn to Zero Latency’s technology as they are the only company offering true free-roam gaming while accommodating more simultaneous players than anything else on the market,” said MindTrek co-founder David Rzepski. “They are so far ahead of the virtual reality curve that consumers are guaranteed an exhilarating and mind-blowing experience. Our arenas will excite gamers and non-gamers alike because there is simply nothing else like this.”

“Our high-level virtual reality gaming destinations will fill a big hole in out-of-home entertainment,” claimed MindTrek co-founder David O’Connor. “The amusement industry as a whole focuses on young kids and birthday parties, whereas Zero Latency is focused squarely on premium entertainment experiences for millennials,” he added.

These locations will be among few others in the States; ZL also has arenas in Orlando, Fla., Wisconsin Dells, Wisc., and in Pennsylvaia’s Pocono Mountains. For more information on Zero Latency, click here.


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