Zero Latency to Open Dual 8-Player VR Gaming Arenas; Company Sets Ambitious Sights on 20 Arenas by Year’s End


Zero Latency says it’s looking to grow to more than 20 operating arenas by the end of 2017. And, these location-based, free-roam VR gurus aren’t just growing across the globe though, they’re also growing the size of their attractions. The company recently announced it will be opening a 4,300-sq.ft. VR gaming arena in Brisbane, Australia, capable of running two eight-player games simultaneously, side by side. The venue is set to open in October.

“Zero Latency experienced unprecedented success with the world’s first ever epic-scale, multiplayer, free-roam VR game arena, which we opened in Melbourne back in 2015,” says their CEO Tim Ruse. “Since then, we’ve partnered up with venue operators and delivered our patent-pending technology to power successful VR arenas across the globe. Brisbane stood out high and clear as a great city for the next Zero Latency arena with its young and tech-minded population.”

The Brisbane location will also be only the second one in the world with a “dual arena” configuration, similar to one that will open in Boston in America in early August. This will allow two multiplayer games to be played simultaneously, each with nearly 2,150 sq. ft. of floor space, or can stretch a single game over the entire cavernous play zone double that size.

“When two eight-player games are underway at the same time, Zero Latency’s proprietary technology will be simultaneously tracking 16 players in real time,” said Chief Technology Officer Scott Vandonkelaar. “Nobody has the technology to provide intense, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining free roam VR gaming to 16 players in the same space at once,” he boasted.

The Zero Latency VR arena in Brisbane will be located at 34 Chester Street, Newstead. The arena is projected to open this October with advanced ticket sales starting up in September.

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