Welcome, NGX Curve! New Jukebox at AMI


AMI Entertainment Network just announced the release of their “most visually captivating jukebox to date” – the NGX Curve, which will begin shipping in mid-October.

The latest innovation from AMI offers revenue-generating features like music videos and digital signage. In a cabinet that “demands attention,” the compact, wall-mounted NGX Curve has an arc frame that “brings a refreshing, eye-popping look that comes to life with programmable perimeter lighting and a center equalizer that moves to the beat of the music.”

The result, AMI says, is a “mesmerizing lightshow guaranteed to delight and entertain patrons.” There’s also a dual-screen display that helps deliver the audio-visual experience. The music video on-demand feature allows access to the full AMI library of over 25,000 music videos; new ones are added weekly.

More information is available at www.amientertainment.com/curve. A video of the product is on YouTube.


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